Registering a Web Domain Name

Registering a Web Domain Name

If you want to a build website, then your first step is to do a domain name registration. Let's learn what a domain name is exactly and everything else you need to know about them.

Registering a Web Domain Name

What is a Domain Name?

If you want your future website be taken seriously, you need to have your own That "yourname" doesn't necessarily need to be replaced by your actual name, but any name that represents your Web site's subject. Well, don't consider registering your real name, that doesn't make any sense, unless if you're a celebrity or a brand!

So what's, exactly?

It's like the key of your house. People need to enter your URL address ( in order to access your website, or more specifically, I'd say, your Web content.

In other words, it's a key that opens the door of your house, except, in this case, everyone is welcomed to come in and discover it. Your home is basically your website.

You absolutely must register a domain name if you want to build a real and professional or a simple looking Web site.

Generally, you only need to pay a certain amount of money per year when you register a new domain name. However, keep in mind that as the years go by, it's very probable that if you want to renew your domain name, you're going to be charged more as your domain name gets popular. Some providers have this type of policy, others don't.

Making Money by Selling Domain Names

It often happens that many people buy a domain name and after a few years (or days), they sell it at a higher price to someone else and make profit from it.

For example, if you know a celebrity who will soon become famous, you could buy a domain name such as her "" and afterwards, when he/she's popular enough, you can sell it to someone who would buy it. A lot of people tend to do this and they make a fair amount of money with domain names.

Cost of a Domain Name

In the late 90s, domain names used to be very expensive to buy, but times have changed. It's not just the big businesses that can afford one; it's also the average Joe next door.

You can literally find a domain name at less than 5$ for one year!

Don't have a credit card or don't want to give out your credit card information? That's ok! GoDaddy and PowWeb accept checks as method of payment. Don't worry much about the methods of payment, just keep on reading and all your questions will be answered.

Register a Domain Name

Now your first step is to reserve that precious domain name you might currently have in mind.

A little Piece of Advice...

Just a little piece of advice from my part: Before registering your Domain name, I would first create my desired layout and write some content for at least 15 pages, so that when everything is set and done, I can then register a domain name and buy a Web host.

However, if you suspect your domain name is too popular for it to be left unregistered, I would suggest you to register and reserve it right away. Trust me, there was one time that I lost a popular domain name to someone else, because I took too much time designing my layout and writing my content.

Now let's figured out which are the best and cheapest Registrars out there.

Free Web Hosts

Perhaps, you don't have a bank account, a credit card and your just a high school or college student who can barely afford anything, wanting to get a domain name for free (yes, you can get a real and a professional Web host with some restrictions for free).

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