Reciprocal Linking Strategy

Reciprocal Linking Strategy

After having launched your website online, you obviously will have to trade links in order to get traffic to your website. However, remember that doing this will also improve your website's page rank on Google.

Reciprocal linking may sometimes harm your website if you don't follow certain rules. It is not true that you can go to any website and add a link to your website there. In fact, there are certain rules that you need to follow, or else Google won't like your website very much.
Reciprocal Linking Strategy

1. Websites Must Be Relevant to yours

You should only add your website's link on Web pages that are relevant to your website's topic. For example, if your website is about apples, you shouldn't list it on a website that talks about oranges. Keep in mind, Google and other search engines love relevancy.

If the whole website is about a single subject that is related to yours, then that's even better. Google will reward you even more. Just make sure that the Web page where you want to list your website is related to yours.

2. Pick Only High Quality Websites

You should always pick high quality websites if you're going to add a link to your website there. Don't bother wasting your times on "cheap" websites that don't have good content. Google and other search engines see nothing good in them.

The only way to make sure that websites are considered as valuable is by checking each website's page rank. You also really want to pick a Web page that has a page rank of 4 or higher. So if the page rank of a "Links" page is 4 or higher, go with it.

Although, adding a link on a Web page that has a page rank of 3 or lower won't harm your website, but the reciprocal linking won't have much effect on your own website's page rank.

3. Not too Many Links on One Page

This is another very important point. Always check and count the number of links to other websites there are on the Web page. The fact is if there are more links on a Web page, this won't help increase the link popularity of your website very much.

It is recommended to add your website's link on a Web page that has about 5 links. Otherwise, you'll be wasting your time on these websites. Often, when Google's bots notice that there too many links on one Web page, it considers them as junk.

4. Add a Short Comment

Every time you're going to add a link to a Web page, put a little description of your website next to it. If you there's no option to add comments under your link, just ask the webmaster to do it for you.

This is a very good point, because Google always wants relevancy. So when they see the little comment next to your link, it really thinks that your website is of good quality and this improves your page rank.

Search engines prefer to see a little text next to a link, instead of only links, which might look like spam.


1. Limit Yourself

Reciprocal linking in order to improve your page ranking is obviously annoying at times. Especially, when you are oblige to link the websites back. The problem is that if you're going to do a reciprocal linking with 20 websites, you're going to have to have 20 links on your "Links" Web page.

So what can you do?

First of all, 20 off-page links is too much on one Web page. I would simply recommend you to add about 5-10 links to other websites in your links section.

All I can say is that you don't need to do reciprocal linking with every website you find. I would suggest you to choose about 5-10 websites that have a good page rank.

Besides, adding too much off-page links on your website may harm your own websites on search engines.

2. Brand New Website

There many webmasters out there who won't want you as link partner, mainly because your website is new and it has a page rank of 0. Of course, if you just launched your, no one would really want to trade links with you.

However, you obviously need the help of other websites, so you can start boosting your page rank.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to find someone who is willing to give you a hand on the internet.

Fortunately, the owner of Site Build It, Ken Evoy has launched a free program where you can find webmasters who are searching for linking partners like you, even though you have a new website. This program is called SiteSell Value Exchange (SVE).

SiteSell Value Exchange

What I find most amazing about Ken's program is that it only accepts websites that have high quality content.

You can find websites that are relevant to your website's topic and request the webmaster to do a reciprocal linking exchange.
Search engines absolutely love high quality websites, and if your websites link to a relevant high quality off-page website, they will reward you. SiteSell Value Exchange plays the search engines' game and that's only how you can get results.

However, I warn you, if you're going to register, you must have a high quality website or else you will be rejected.

I remind you that this program is free and brought you by Ken Evoy who owns Site Build It.

I strongly recommend you SiteSell Value Exchange if you want looking for a real reciprocal linking strategy.

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