Number One Traffic Building Tips

Number One Traffic Building Tips

Out of all the tips you have heard by now on how to boost your website's traffic, there's only one tip that outstands them all. 

However, it appears to me that most webmasters don't like to hear this one because it asks for a lot of time and hard work. But the truth is if you work on it in the end it will be all worth it.

Number One Traffic Building Tip

If you ask yourself for a minute: what do search engines want? Soon enough, you'll realize that they all seek for websites that have high quality content with plenty of Web pages. Now if you say this to someone, he or she might not always understand exactly what a high quality website is.

I don't blame anyone because I, myself, often in the past didn't clearly understand how I can turn my website into a high quality content website. And how come this high quality website is the number one way to boost your Web traffic.

But before I clarify this, let me just explain you why you need such website.

Well, it's no secret, a website that has rich content is probably the best way to get more visitors. Why, you ask? Because it makes the visitors come back for more, but it also attracts search engines.

There's one thing that search engines, such as Google love most: content. That's what they are after. Their bots search for new content everyday and index them to their database.

However, let me be clear: they aren't after a 100 word Web page. That's not quality content for them.

Remember that if you satisfy a search engine, it will reward you by bringing you more visitors to your website. This is why you need to play at their "game".

Now, when you search for any keyword on Google, you will notice that most of the websites on the first page are ranked in the top because they are high quality websites and they always please Google.

But what do they make in order to make Google like their website? They update their website by constantly adding new and rich materials to it.

The only way to attract more people to your website from search engines is by always updating, keeping it up to date and regularly adding new articles or texts. It just helps your website grow and the more it grows, the bigger it gets. With this effect, new keywords are added, which brings in more traffic.

However, launching a website and leaving it there with 15 000 words and 30 pages is not going to climb further in rankings, not at all! You need to keep on adding and providing new content and lots of content monthly, weekly and better yet, daily!

So what does it take to achieve this goal?

First, you must release a new website that has dozens of Web pages and keep on updating it. You see, once you release a website, the work isn't over. You're supposed to keep it updated by adding all the time new content.

Ideally, making a new Web page every day for your website is what will make your website a real success in the future. The fact is, if you add a new targeted keyword page daily to your website with a minimum of 400 words, in one year, thousands of visitors will come to your website daily after having added more than 300 Web pages!

As your website grows and gets older, you will also suddenly notice an increase in the number of people who will naturally put a link to your website on their own website, on forum, on blogs, etc. This will only increase your page rank on search engines and eventually, bring in more people to your website.

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