More Traffic by Commenting on Blogs

More Traffic by Commenting on Blogs

Even though your website isn't a Blog, nothing prevents you from promoting your website on Blogs.

Having a link to your website on a Blog obviously won't get you a lot of visitors, however, for the benefit of page ranking, it helps increase your page rank on Google. The more websites or Blogs link to your website, the more visitors you will receive from Google as they boost your rankings on search engines.

Now as you know, you can't always just go to any Blog and ask the Blogger to add a link to your website from his Blog. But thanks to the commenting feedback option, you can add a link to your website if you leave a comment on one of the Blogger's post.

More Traffic by Commenting on Blogs

How do you do this?

Pretty easy. You just to go and search for a keyword related to your website's topic and add the word "Blog" next to it. Google will then list you a list of Blog sites related to your website's topic. Go to one of them.

On that Blog, look for an interesting post where you would want to leave a comment if you have certain knowledge about it, and then, click on it. A new page will appear. Read that page's text for a few minutes. Then, think of a little comment of 5 lines you can write about on that page.

Now, look on that page carefully, you will notice an option where you can write and post your comments.

The advantage you have here is that since the Blog's content is related to your website, you can write a good and legitimated comment for that post and include your website's link in the "Name" section.

Ideally, you can write your website's keywords on that section where it asks you to put your name, because that will hyperlink to your website. However, if you do that, it would become little bit obvious to the Blogger. So it's not a very good idea to do so.

Keyword Achor Linking

If you want to know why it's better to write your website's keywords on that name box, visit the Keyword Achor Linking page.

Instead you could use your keywords and add the word "expert" next to it. Maybe it would be more acceptable in the Blogger's eyes. So for example, if your website is about blogging, you should write like "blogging expert", at least you have the word "blogging" there. It's better than having your name on it.
The good thing about doing this on an updated Blog site is that since the Blog's topic is related to your website, it will boost your rankings on Google and other search engines, because your website is linked from a relevant Blog site.

But you must write a quality comment in order to do this. After all, you should contribute something to the Blog. It's a bit like free articles, I suppose. However, you should spend some times on their Blog site before posting an intelligent comment, though.
Also, doing this allows Google to index your website faster in their database. However…

Be aware of…

If you want to add a comment on a Blog, I would strongly recommend you to do it on a page that has a page rank of 5 or higher. If the page rank of Blog's page is 0, then including your link address won't boost your website's page rank. Basically, this method won't be effective.

I would suggest you to check the page rank of the Blog's page before using this strategy. Perhaps, if the homepage of the Blog has a good page rank of 5 or higher, you could do it, but it won't help much. You really want to search for serious and quality Blog sites that interest you and relate to your website's subject.
Another bad point you should be aware of…

There are some Blog services that don't allow a direct link to your website. The Blog actually redirects the link to your website from another page. Avoid this, because you'll be wasting your time, unless if you intend to leave a message.
Redirect links do not help you boost your rankings and it won't have any effect.

Normally, a redirect link would look like this: It's similar to this address, if you see this in the comments, don't leave a comment, unless if you want to.

In Conclusion

Using this method would pretty much help you boost your website's traffic giving the fact that it will increase your page rank. However, don't abuse it. If you're going to post a comment, write something interesting, because you don't want to spam the Blogs and hurt your website's rankings.

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