Keyword Anchor Linking

Keyword Anchor Linking

Be smart! If you're going to ask a webmaster to add a reciprocal link of your website on his own website, tell him to do it the right way, so that in return you will not only receive a few visitors here and there, but also improve your ranking in search engines.

Why is it that when you go to Google, and type and search for "click", Google ranks first Apple, Adobe or Microsoft?

Why, you ask? Because often, when people link a website for example Wordtracker's website from their website, they link it this way, for example: "If you want to check out Wordtracker's website, click here". They hyperlink "here" to Wordtracker's website.

Later on, when Google's bot comes to index new websites to its database by checking out hyperlinks, it figures that "here" is relevant to Wordtracker's Web site, giving the fact that the person hyperlinked "here" with Wordtracker's website. But let's be logical here, the reason why Apple, Adobe or Microsoft are top ranked is because they are extremely popular well known companies. Their links are naturally posted everywhere. They also optimize their websites for specific keywords and better search engine rankings by working with an SEO agency.

Let's say your website is about a tool that suggests keywords, for example. If you want to ask a webmaster to add your website in his, you should ask him to hyperlink the words "keyword suggestion tool" to your website, like this: keyword suggestion tool.

This way when Google comes and finds a new websites to add, it will add your website under the "keyword suggestion tool" keyword because you, as a smart person, had found out on Google Suggest that this particular group of keywords is searched by 364 000 people. Not only your website gets to be ranked better because you're reciprocal link exchanging, but it is also being showed under the right keywords, which means you will in the end receive targeted visitors!

Applying this important keyword tip would definitely improve your ranking and your traffic.

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