How To Get Traffic To your Blog From First Day

Many people don’t get enough traffic and get frustrated with their blog. Also some thinks they will get high traffic from first day of blogging. But blogging is a slow and steady process and you need to be patient and work hard.
You can get enough visitors from first day also if you plan well and then day by day doing SEO and promotions you will get more visitors.
The main and only source of getting traffic from first day is Social Media. So you should plan for Social Media marketing. The Facebook and twitter are the major source of social media traffic. Also there are various such site for example – scoop it, pinterest, etc., where you should become an active user to drive traffic to your blog.

The first thing you have to drive traffic on very first day is to use Facebook only. Yes I am suggesting on this post how to use Facebook only to get visitors to your website.
1. Join Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups is a great place to share content. If you normally share content to our profile then it will goes to our friends who are from different profession as some are from our school, some from colleges and some from previous offices. The Group is the place where you find the members of same interest as group name suggests.
Join the groups which are related to your blog topic. Join as many group as possible. I am not saying join 1000s of groups, but you should first join at least around 20 groups with good members count.
2. Now publish content or Article.
Now publish the article to your blog. Write very detailed article. I suggest you to write around 500 word article. To get better visibility in search engine ranking, write around 800 work.
Write the best content you can.

3. Put links to all Facebook Group you joined.
Now the main thing, copy the url of article you just published. And paste it all the group. As the group you joined is related to your blog niche, your articles are likely to get read.
As you have joined the group which are having good members count, like say you have joined the group which are having around 5000+ members. So if you join such 20 groups, then the total members of 20 groups are around 100000. If only 50 percent users will active then also you post will reached to around 5000 people at one shot. I used this technique from very first day.
I first joined the groups , then I posted around 10 articles and shared its link to all the groups and the very first day I got 100+ views to my website. As I have joined very few groups with low members count.
Also Facebook marketing helps to increase Alexa Rank too. Apply these things and don’t forget to share your views in comments.

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