How To Generating Basic Traffic

Generating Basic Traffic

In general your website's visitors will come from four different places:

Search Engines

90% of the online traffic you are going to get will come from search engines, but not from any search engine. It's ridiculous and especially a total waist of time to submit your site to every search engine out there. If you you're submitting your URL to search engines, just consider that there are actually 3 main search engines that will truly make a difference.
How To Generating Basic Traffic

You really don't need a submission list that contains a large number of search engines where you can submit your web site. On top of that, a lot companies make you pay to have access to this list of search engines, which is really nonsense and useless.
Only 3 important search engines matter for the moment and the others will eventually add your URL once get your web site on, or, which are essentially the major and best search engines.

Web Directories

Submitting your website to Web directories is another way to get free online traffic and even increase web traffic. It is interesting to note that adding your URL to directories also helps boost your ranking in search engines.

However, it should be noted that just like search engines, it is really not necessary to submit your website to every web directory out there. In fact, I've done the test myself and I can very much confirm you that 98% of the Web directories you find in web directory listings are in fact dead.

It just seems that webmasters don't bother to update their Web directory, most of the time because they don't get enough Web traffic. Instead of closing their Web directory, it just hangs there on the internet. So it really has become a waist of time to submit your web site to every directory on the internet.

There are 4 major directories that you can look forward to: Open Directory, LookSmart and Yahoo.

Of course, of all 4 directories, Open Directory is the most well known. Actually you're almost guaranteed to get a little bit of free traffic if you get your website listed over there. Moreover, you can be assured that your website will appear in Google's search engine.

However, nowadays, when hundreds of webmasters are eager to list their website on an important directory, is going to be tough to get your own website accepted. Just be very patient because they tend to accept websites after being submitted months ago.

After all, keep in mind; you won't get your website auto-submitted. There are human beings behind these Web directories, and they carefully verify each website submitted.

Eventually, only if your website is worthy and high quality (that has at least 15 pages of good and strong content), will get listed. If it doesn't work out, simply sent them an e-mail and ask them why your website has been rejected and you'll get a respond, if someone ever reaches you, that is.

Link Exchanges

As I've always emphasized, you definitely need other websites that are related to yours, link to your website, and while at the same, get some free targeted traffic from them, too.

However, I agree to the fact that you will get a few visitors here and there, but what's most important here is to realize that most of the traffic will no doubt come from search engines.

What's mainly important to understand here is that search engines want to higher rank quality websites. If they see that dozens of websites are linking to your Web site, then that would tell them that your website is something that is useful and recognized as helpful.

Once you released your website to the public, don't hesitate to e-mail other webmasters who own a website that is related to yours, and ask them to link exchange. That means, if you add his link to your website, he can add yours to his.

Perhaps, you can also post your link in your signature of forums you're active in. It basically comes to the same thing.


Advertising is a good effective way to get a good amount of traffic.

You should mostly use this option if you absolutely need visitors immediately, because paying for traffic when you can get visitors for free is not always a good idea.

But if you find that this is what suits you and you're comfortable with it, I would strongly recommend you to use Google AdWords. Google is a company you trust and except real results. As I've always said, Google is the King of the internet.

There are as well, other places where you can advertise your website, as you know. Just make sure it's cheap and convenient to your budget.

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