Brand New Website and No Traffic?

Brand New Website and No Traffic?

You can build the most amazing website in the world, launched it on the internet live and get absolutely zero visitors in the end of the day! This sometimes makes you ask: Why open a website if you can't get any visitors?

Brand New Website and No Traffic?

The truth is that actually everyone goes through the same depression as you are right now. However, it isn't really a tragic depression that is put on you purposely, but rather a "test".

You can go out there, submit your website to every search engines and still get no traffic. You can also ask to webmasters to link exchange with you, but when they visit your high quality website and see that the homepage of your website has a page rank of 0, they just close your website and ignore your request.

But you know that you need other people's help in order to promote your website, but no one wants to help you because your website isn't even popular. They of course, won't link to your website since it brings them nothing in return, even if your website has good quality content.

And there are as well other webmasters who don't even visit your website, or take weeks or months, to check it out. Same with free directories…!

So what do have to do?

What do you have to do in order to get others to link to your website if that's the only way to increase your page rank and bring in some traffic?

Alright, let's say that regardless of how competitive your website is, you just need other websites linking to yours.

Before I explain to you what you must do, I just want to let you know that there are no magic solutions to this. In the beginning you're considered as a no-body. You need to do something special for others, so they can reward you in return.

So it turns out that the only way to promote your website is either by paying or working for webmasters by writing content for them.

I know that no one likes to spend some money, especially after having brought a domain name and Web host, so let me first start off with the easiest option: writing content, or more specifically free articles.

Before jumping to this subject, I once again want to let you know that it's important to understand that you have to always promote your website in any way you can. Don't expect to receive free traffic from search engines in the beginning of your website's launch. I'll explain to you why later on.
Foremost, you have let other visitors visit your websites in any way possible.

Now Back to Free Articles

You recognize that no one is going to link to your website freely if you give them nothing in return. So what you have to do is "work" for them in order to get what you want.

That's where free article websites step in. These free article websites are here to promote your website and instantly increase your page rank on search engines. All you have to do is write a unique and quality article that consists of about 500 words and tell them to publish it freely on their website. In return, they will allow you to place a link to your website at the very end of your free article.

Notice that I wrote "free article". That's right. Anyone can copy and past your article and put it on their website, only if they add a link to your website at the end of your free article.

So this means that not only your website's link will be seen on free article websites, but also on other websites that are similar to your article's subject. And naturally, it will spread everywhere.
This is a great way to get a few visitors here and there, but it's especially good to dramatically boost your page rank after a month or so.

Paying for Traffic

I know you would hate to pay for traffic, but if you want to promote your website, you're probably going to have to. But I'll explain this more in detail later on.

However, I'm not talking about these types of ad: 20$ for 500 000 visitors. If you've seen an ad like this one, don't even bother buying that type of traffic. Those are not targeted traffic.
What I'm talking about is Pay Per Click programs, such as Google Adwords.

I strongly recommend you to use Google Adwords as it is the most effective way to get quality and targeted traffic to your website. Each click might cost you anywhere from 5 cents to 1 dollar, depending on how fierce the competition of your keyword is.

Why Submit Free Articles and Pay for Traffic?

The keyword here is: Promotion.
You must first promote your website and let the word spread on the internet.

Think about it. If you pay a visitor to come and look at your website, he might in the end consider it as valuable website and let it know to his friends by posting your link on forums or on his website if he has one.

Same with articles, people will come and visit your website or use your free article.

Why Don't I Get any Traffic from Google and Other Search Engines?

Because you haven't promoted your website first.
Have you ever heard about the Sandbox effect? It takes months before Google ranks effectively your website on their search engine. They do this in order to fight spammers. What happens is that website is put on hold for a couple of months, so they can "test" you.

Indeed, they test you to see how serious you are and how much you care about your website. Now, search engines such as and don't have a Sandbox, but they still look at your outbound links.

What do Google and Other Search Engines Want you to do?

Once you release your website, they want you to continue to add quality content to it. They want to see that you're keeping your website alive even when you're not getting much of traffic.
Basically, all they want to see is that you're serious about your website.

I recommend you to add an article of about 500 words every 2 or 3 days to your website, so you can show them that your website will always be a high content website that is updated constantly.
After a few months, your website will be out of the Sandbox and Google will give you a better ranking for your keyword.

But notice that this isn't only good for your Google rankings, but also for your own visitors and website.

Every time you add new content and keep it up to date, visitors will return to your website and read it. Many of them start to bookmark your website and come back to check if you added any new content.

I know that in the beginning it's tough because your website is new, but the hard work continues and the more credibility you get later on. Just don't quit yet. You still have a lot of to work on.
Remember that adding content to your website is the answer to traffic building. However, keep in mind that you also have to publish your free articles and perhaps also pay for traffic, only in the beginning, if necessary.

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