Basic SEO Knowledge For Beginners

As a blogger, we create very great and unique killer content by researching and putting all our knowledge. But if the content is not reached to proper audience then all our hard work of writing will go waste.

Basic SEO Knowledge For Beginners
To make the content reach to audience, we need to focus on SEO of our blog. The organic traffic which comes through search engine plays an important role for successful blogging.
What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We optimize the keywords for search engine so that if people search for that keywords into search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc. , our website or blog appear in results.
This is the main source of major traffic to any blog or website. So optimize the website or blog for keywords.
There are two major parts of SEO.
1. On Page Optimization and
2. Off Page Optimization.

1. On Page Optimization.
In On Page Optimization, we need to do certain changes in webpage i.e. into our blog. There are many things we need to optimize in design and code of our blog to make it Search Engine friendly.
Title – Must contain keywords. I suggest using long trail keywords. Also the Title must be unique and not copied from someone else.
Keyword Density – Don’t stuff your article with keywords. The total no of keywords in article must be 2% of total words. I suggest you to use keywords in title, subtitle and in first paragraph.
Heading Tags – Use H1, H2 and H3 tags wisely. Don’t blurter article with h2 tags. Use bold where necessary.
Seo Friendly url – Make Url seo friends, avoid using number and use hyphen between two words.
Interlinking – Use interlinking between your related articles, this are best on page seo practices.
2. Off Page Optimization.
Off page SEO includes link building over internet network. We need to create links pointing to our website all over internet. This includes –
Social Bookmarking – There are numerous bookmarking site, it’s just like our normal bookmark but online where people bookmark the favorite website.
Directory Submission – Directory Submission plays an important role for search engine to recognize website and their quality and keywords.
Article Submission – Article submission are important things. There are many article submission website where you can write high quality article which two links to your website. Use high PR article submission website to submit your article.
Blog Commenting – blog commenting is necessary because when user read blog article and comments on it, they see the comments which are interactive and engaged. So there are possibilities that reader can see your comment and visit your website. Do commenting regularly on your related niche blogs.
Forum Participation – This is the great way to drive traffic to your website, answer the question in forums which people asked and put you website link there and they will definitely going to see your website.
Press Release – Read about press release over internet and submit about your blog. Try to write unique press release.
These are the Basic SEO Tips for Beginners and you must apply this to your new blog.

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