7 Tips To Make Blog Articles SEO Friendly

As a blogger everyone make all efforts to write unique and great article post. After lots of researching and finding needs of others we write very effective article with all our efforts. But this is not enough. The main motto of writing such article is to make it read by thousands and millions readers.
So we must keep SEO factor in mind while creating article. After creating, do check for following things to make article Search Engine friendly.
1. Use suitable and searchable keywords.
The keywords are the main thing which is input by user in search engine. If our article ranked in search engine then it will get read by millions of user. The organic traffic is the main life of our blog.
 Tips To Make Blog Articles SEO Friendly

First select the keyword and put it into article. The keyword density must be 2% of total words of article. Put keywords in title and in first few lines.
2. Article Title
Think wisely while writing Title. Give time and think to select attractive title. The title is the first thing which gets read, if you write attractive and eye catchy title, then people will read your article.

Keep title short and to the point. Try to explain the article in few words with title. After reading title, the reader must get the complete idea of what the article is about.
3. Make use of heading tags
Use Proper heading H1, H2 and H3 tags. Do not use much heading tags. Only use on line which is important, and where keywords are present.

Also use italic and underline on important sentences which are catchy and keep reader interest.
4. Post interlinking.
Always do interlinking of your post with your previous post which is related. If you are writing about one topic and there are many things you are explaining in short but you have already written article on that, then interlink that keyword with your previous article.

This is also good to make reader engaged in your blog. He will surf from one article to other and then on other. This will also beneficial for your website bounce rate.
5. Image meta name and optimization.
You must use images in your every post and that must be optimized. This is useful for image search like Google Image search. If you images is getting into search results, it means your article is listed in search engine results.

Search Engine crawlers knows images by their meta names, so put meta name tag while using images and use keywords related to article which is searchable.
Also use hyphen in between words. Also put meta description for your image. Use the image size as low as possible with good quality.
6. Length of Article.
According to my search and study , I found that article which are well written, lengthy and more descriptive appear in search engine results more fast as compared to short article. Try to write descriptive post with word length 500+.

I will suggest you to write more than 700+ words article with related images.
7. First paragraph is important.
Always keep in mind that first paragraph is very important for both to search engine crawlers and your readers. Readers will not read full article if they don’t find first paragraph important.

Also same with the web crawlers. Many times crawlers find the article lengthy or with duplicate content and it gets back with crawling just first paragraph. So make first paragraph with keywords and important short description about whole article.
Tell in first paragraph that what you are going to provide in article.

These are the very important things to check before publishing your article post. Please share your views below in comments box.

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