7 Best Ways To Make Money Online With Your Blog or Website

You got your blog up..put content..got some visitors..Now whats next?
We are making blog to earn money. So how to earn from it, what to do to get money from our blog. Here are some best and proven ways to make money from blog.

Make Money with blogs
1. Banner Ads – Joining Publishers Advertising network.
This is the best and most used way of earning money online thorugh your blog. you need to make a good blog with enough content and apply for different publisher networks like Google Adsense, chitika, etc. This will display ads to your webpage as banner , images and text.
2. In Text links Ads
This are new things getting boom around now days. The main advantage of such ads over banner ads are , you don’t need to create space. It will convert your text words to the links and when someone cliks on links then you make money from it. Infolinks and skimlinks are the best example of it.
3. Affiliate sell
Affiliate sell is nothing but selling other’s products which are relate to your blog or website topic.
The banner ads and In – text link ads pays you only when someone clicks on it and the same way you make money on affiliate marketing when someone buy the product you showcasing in your website.

4. Write Paid review.
When you write on particular topic , suppose health and you have many visitors. Then some companies which produce health product want to promote their products in every possible way. If your blog is very popular then such companies may contact you to write good reivew and suggest their product. Or you can also contact from your site to such companies and get paid for writing their product reviews.
5. Direct Ad space selling
Create some space for ads and put a banner that “Place your ads here”. The great advanges of this direct ad selling is you can sell space for fixed price. So you will get fixed monthly pay checks from such ads. You don’t need to wait for ads to get clicked.
6. Offer and Sell services.
What you are writing and what you are expert at. Sell your services then. Create a “Offering a Service ” page and tell what you can teach or give to your user at reasonable price. You can offer a blog set up and seo service as you learned it and doing blogging.
7. Create your Own product.
You earn when someone clicks on ads, right ? The ads are mostly related to our content and also affiliate sell we do are related product to our blog topic. You get few cents or dollars for each affiliate sell or ads click.
But think your visitor went from your website with ad click and affiliate product. If you would have provided such product then, the whole profit is yours. So Create an eBook where you can teach something. Creating and selling the eBook is best way to earn thousands of dollar from blog.

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