5 Tips To Get More Traffic

5 Tips To Get More Traffic

Attracting internet users to your website is obviously something very easy to do. As I've always said, if you're building an informational website, you need a lot of content. In order words, you need to build pages and pages of quality content, so you can get a better ranking on searching engines. So let's try to what need to do with your website in order to attract a lot of visitors and also returning visitors to your website.

1. Always Add Strong And Good Content

When you first start building your website, don't do like most people do, rush to finish it quickly and release it. If you're serious getting a successful website, take your time to write good content for your website. When I say good strong and good content, I mean 600-800 words for one aspect (or page). Prepare a good plan and set your goals before start writing content. 

Rushing will only harm your website because it is only quality content that mainly attracts visitors to your website.

2. Don't Abuse The Use Of Images

This is another very important aspect if you want to attract users to your website. In reality or in search engines' view, image is not really content. It doesn't matter how much images you add on your website, Google and other search engines look more for words and letters. However, adding one or two images isn't bad either because people loves pictures, but just don't abuse a lot. Remember to well design the headers and the navigation of your website also.

3. Update Your Website Weekly

Here's another very important aspect. Updating your website is what keeps you ranked high on search engines. Just take for example Msn.com, I've released that this search engines is always after updated websites. Give the search engines what they want because they will give in return the visitors you need. 

Updating your website is what keeps your website alive, just like you need to feed your dog everyday. Your visitors will come back if your keep it updated. Remember, updating once a week is an excellent idea. You can update it daily like bloggers do, but I think once a week is very acceptable for search engines and reasonable for your valuable time.

4. Submit Your Website To Search Engines

Don't waist your time by submitting your website to search engines. I know people who constantly submit their website to some unknown search engine. That's truly a waist of time. The major players in the search engine world are Google.com, Msn.com and Yahoo.com. If you have your website listed in on of these search engines, it will spread out by itself. Let the search engines run after you. And the only way to get up hook on you is to write quality content. So instead of running after search engines, improve your website to make them come to your website.

5. Add A Forum To Your Website

You should create a message board for your website if it receives hundreds of visitors every day. People love to express and discuss their opinion on forums, which also makes them come back again. A forum is very good if you want to keep your website active and alive, because instead of you creating new content for your website, it is your visitors who are doing it for you. So generally, a message board is an excellent idea for addition content. However, I still believe that you continue updating your website by writing content yourself, because it's important to keep your website up to date.

These are five great tips that you can use when you launch your website. There's no doubt that updating a website with new good content will always make your website shine! A lot of content will also help improve the ranking of your website on search engines and it's what keeps your website alive, of course.

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