5 Quick and Proven Tricks to Boost Alexa Rank in a Month

First let me tell them who have just started blogging or preparing to start blog, focus on learning about or writing quality content . Because once your content is loved by your readers, they will definitely come back to read your next post of subscribe to your newsletters.
So don’t focus first on SEO, Social Media or Alexa rank improvement. Just give your time to research for and write good and content that can go viral.
After that you need to work for SEO and rankings.
5 Quick and Proven Tricks to Boost Alexa Rank in a Month

I am going to tell you 5 tips to increase your blog rank, if you apply this things from today and daily , I bet in a week you will see some improvement in you Alexa rank.
So What is Alexa rank ?
Its a global rank to rate your website among others. Less the rank number , more your website is popular. More your website become reputed, the alexa rank increases , means in number its gets lower on digits.
How it is caculated ?
According to research and study over internet I found that the alexa rank is calculated by how many user who installed alexa toolbar to their browser, visited your website. If you only get such visitors who have alexa toolbar installed, means Alexa get to know that people are visiting your website and thus your website rank’s gets boost.
1. Be active on Social Media
As I told, you have to get visitors who had visitors installed in their browser. Now think, not everyone who is surfing internet or reading your blog will install toolbar. Only those who have knowledge of seo, or like us who need Alexa will install toolbar.
So such people are those who are active in social media. So add a Facebook group related to seo, blogging, programmer and web developers. And keep posting about your blog there.
Tweet your post url and so to other social platforms like tumblr, scoop it and pinterest.
2. Add Site to Alexa.com and add toolbar.
Go to Alexa.com, create account and sign in and add your website there to make them crawl your website. As it will have your site’s account, it will update and crawl frequently.
Also add Alexa toolbar to your browser. They will provide you some code which will display your rank to your website. Put that code and display yours when it get some good.
3. Get links from popular website.
Get a link from popular website who has good alexa rank. Search for such forums and be active there. Go to popular blog (good if related to your niche) and comment there and keep your website link.
Getting such link will boosts your website Alexa rank like nothing else.
4. Try to create viral content with video.
Why I am saying to create a good content with video, because the articles with videos are most likely get shared on social media.
So creating unique and content which get shared will help to increase rank. Always create a good video which will explain solution and thus video is very important factor in article.
5. Don’t forget professional network LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is the network of professional. If you get visitors from there, then it will very beneficial for your blog in every way.
Join groups there, and share about your work and blog url. Also in you profile showcase about our blog very dynamically.
Apply these things and you will see the increase in your Alexa rank quickly. Daily share your blog post in Facebook group, tweet that, share in LinkedIn and do commenting and in a week you will see difference in your rank.
Let me know your thoughts- suggestion and queries in comments.

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